Your Donations Change Lives

Every year, the members of Eugene Southtowne Rotary participate and support more than 28 different Local and International products, that help change people’s lives!

You can DONATE HERE to offer gifts of hope,
education, and unconditional love.

Here is a brief listing of the work that is being done, with your donations!

Fairfield Elementary Committee

  1. OBOB – Increase the number of coaches to accommodate the growing number of participating students. Organize the end-of-battles Party celebration.
  2. Spirit of Giving – Help solicit gifts for the event and volunteers to set up and help children “shop” for presents. Supplement as needed and budget allows.
  3. Family Engineering Night – Provide volunteers to set up and help with a science activity project and provide books to students attending.

Food Box Committee

  1. Work in partnership with Head Start, Fairfield Elementary School, and Downtown Languages to provide food boxes to families facing imminent food shortages
  2. Provide boxes within the limits of the resources available for this project.

Head Start Committee

  1. Provide each child at Fairfield & Clear Lake Head Start a book once a month and an experience with our regular reader that makes reading and learning exciting. Coordinate an activity and craft project that reinforces learning and the concepts in the book
  2. Provide safety equipment for Eugene Headstart families in need as recommended by Head Start staff, meeting their program goals.
    3. Provide warm sweatsuits at winter break to some Bethel Head Start classrooms, and emergency socks, underwear and jackets when requested by Head Start staff.
  3. Provide end of the year activities as requested by staff, as possible by volunteers and budget.

Homeless Support Committee

Youth House

  1. Provide dinners 2 times/month and
  2. Provide essential food items in the intervening weeks for the residents of the house

Hosea drop-in center  (Renee) 

  1. Provide dinners once per quarter for homeless teens
  2. Arrange two picnic/BBQ/”fun in the park” days for the same population

4J McKinney-Vento School Supplies (Leslie)

Collect school supplies for the 4J McKinney-Vento liaison to distribute to homeless students

ECCO High School

  1. Work with the staff of ECCO High School to assist approximately 45 students in acquiring necessary legal documents (birth certificate, Social Security number, Oregon ID)
  2. Perhaps assist students with college and scholarship applications

15th Night

  1. When RAN expands into additional schools, arrange for Megan Schultz to speak to the club about the project; then encourage members to join it.
  2. Fulfill needs of RAN as they become known
  3. Provide needed sewing supplies and ‘teachers’ to teach students how to repair Columbia Sportswear

St. Vinnie’s Family Annex

  1. Provide dinner once/month for Annex residents.
  2. Provide occasional crafts activities for the children.
  3. Include SEHS Interact students in these projects

Eugene Mission Dinner Service Team

  1. Survey Dinner Service Team prior to each quarter to determine members’ availability to serve. Use the information gathered to prepare and distribute serving quarterly schedules.
  2. Take photos of Dinner Service Team members serving meals for a SpinOff article to inform Southtowne members about the project.
  3. Assist the Eugene Mission with other volunteer needs they might have during the year
  4. Members of the Dinner Service Team attend the “Life Changes” graduation for men and women associated with the Mission.

Emergency Committee

  1. Continue to work with Club and Foundation regarding Emergency requests – both loans and gifts.
  2. Review all requests for emergency funds–both loans and gifts.
  3. Interview all loan candidates and vote (via email) on each request.
  4. Continue to work with community partners to meet the needs of local families within budget constraints.
  5. Provide mentors to families receiving emergency loan help
  6. Work with Food for Lane County to assemble and deliver Spring break Food boxes, and with the Food Box Committee for Thanksgiving and Holiday Food Boxes.

Southtowne Educational Stipends Committee 

  1. Continue to solicit requests from all community partners for the Southtowne Educational Stipends.
  2. Meet with candidates recommended by community partners for Southtowne Educational Stipends.
  3. Work with committee and funds available to help candidates reach their educational goals.
  4. Continue to work with the Board and the Foundation in streamlining funds to meet stipend requests.

Downtown Languages Committee

  1. Work with partner to determine what’s needed and respond within the parameters of the budget.
  2. Provide craft booths for Day of the Children celebration
  3. Continue doing food-prize incentives for Pilas attendance as well as food boxes at the end of each Pilas term.
  4. Provide favors and bilingual books for graduation ceremonies.
  5. Provide pumpkins and carving activities for Day of the Dead celebrations.
  6. Provide Posada bags for Pilas celebrations.
  7. Provide staff and teachers some sort of appreciation for all they do. (If funding exists toward the end of the school year)

Meals on Wheels Committee

  1. Continue delivering the two current routes (Irving and Beacon) with paired current and past club members.
  2. Solicit new members as needed to maintain rotating schedule.

Emerald Village Tiny Homes Project 

  1. Help in completing one of the Tiny Homes in Emerald Village by providing funding and labor for a front and back entrance porch and interior enhancements. This would help to provide a home to persons who might otherwise be homeless.

International Southtowne Rotary Projects

  • Peace Committee- Promoting Peace through local and international initiatives
  • Hospital Supply Committee- collecting and distributing donated medical supplies from local health organization, to be used in partner programs in Africa.
  • Aid Africa – Education and Sanitation Projects
  • Project Amigo – Education support for sponsored schools in Mexico
  • San Miguel School for the Deaf
  • Buyijja Village School in Uganda- Education Materials, Water and Solar
  • Rwanda English Project – Teaching teachers how to teach English
  • Stove Team- Creating safe, efficient stoves for rural Central Americans
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange /Group Study Exchange
  • Support SVRGG global grants with other District 5110 clubs.

You can DONATE HERE to offer gifts of hope, education, and unconditional love.

Auction Items For the SpeakEasy Event

We have an ever-growing list of items donated from an amazing list of individuals and businesses.!

HOWEVER…due to our recent election to cancel the “live SpeakEasy,” we will be placing items up for instant purchase by our members and the general public, into our new “Secret Deals” section.

This will be a chance to Save up to 30% off on great items, services, and experiences…while helping Southtowne Rotary accomplish our goals for Local and International Projects!


What You Get When You Donate To or Sponsor Our SpeakEasy

Thank you for your consideration!

We know that local area businesses in Lane County are amazingly generous in their support of local non-profit and fund raising events.  We realize that a great relationship is a bit of a “quid-pro-quo,” so the event team at Southtowne Rotary are going the extra mile to make sure that your business receives the recognition, exposure and support your generous donations warrant!

For this reason, we are adding a variety of added value opportunities
for our Sponsors and Donors! Our Way of Saying THANK YOU!

  • Full Page Online Sponsor Directory Listing (For Any Donation of $200 or more)
    This listing includes up to 500 words, 3 pictures, location information and URL Link to your web site and social media pages. This will remain live for a FULL YEAR, telling the public, other Rotarians, and your potential customers all about your business.
  • Cross Promotion on Social Media including FaceBook and Instagram, featuring our key sponsors and the offers they are making for this event.
  • Secret SpeakEasy Event Gift Guide and ongoing “Secret Deals” promotions after the event
    This is a chance for you to get the full benefit of donating a retail item or service,  with a “Buy it Now Price” featured in our special Online Shopping guide which will begin prior to the Main Event, and continue in weeks following. This will be done as a Certificate Redemption Salewhich will bring the winner into your store to redeem their purchase, allowing you to have a chance at another retail sale.

What we are asking from you…
Donations of goods, or Services at one of two Vendor Reward Levels-  Platinum ($650 or higher) Gold ($200-$650)
The can be aggregate totals of multiple gift cards or offers, to reach these totals (Five-$50 gift cards total $250 total) 

Platinum- Sponsors Will Receive:

  • Full Page Business Directory Listing
    – Tied to Your Auction/Donation Item – with 500 Word Description with Links to your Web/Social Media sites, Business Logo plus up to 3 pictures describing your business, Web Presence for a Full Year, Featured/Shared on our Web Site and Social Media, Night of Event Rotator and MultiMedia Donor Showcase, Business Directory Link in our Printed Event Program, Southtowne SpeakEasy Secret Deals & Deep Discounts (Runs up to the event, and then in the weeks following the event)

Gold Sponsor ($200-$650 Donation)

  • Full Page Online Listing with 500 Words, Pictures, links to web site and social media
  • Line listing in printed Program
  • Cross Promotion on Social Media Sites 

These donations are critical to the work local and international work that is done by Southtowne Rotarians. We appreciate your support!

SpeakEasy Event Details

The Basics:  Southtowne SpeakEasy FUNdraiser
Saturday, April 18th – beginning at 5:30pm
LCC Event Center, Lane Community College

Formerly the Southtowne Wine and Salmon Festival, SouthTowne Rotary is repeating a bit of last year’s fun, with an event that broadens the pallet, broadens the beverage choices, and ramps up the FUN, all while raising money for the amazing list of work that Eugene Southtowne Rotary does both in our community, and in countless projects worldwide!

It can only be successful with your involvement, and there are loads of ways to participate, before and during the event!

Silent Auction Pre-Bidding and Event Bidding
You can bid early with “Buy It Now” Pricing Online (75%-80% of suggested retail) or buy the night of the event (if the item you want hasn’t already been sold!)

Live Auction Pre-Bidding and Event Bidding
The biggest items will be auctioned off the night of the event!  There are some amazing offers…don’t miss your chance, even if you can’t make the event in person! We will offer these special “Live Auction” items at Buy It Now Pricing.  Watch for the listings 30 days prior to the event!

The SpeakEasy Event Night Agenda
There are loads of ways we are going to make this event different, fun, and yes…challenging!

  • Table Teams will try to solve the “Mystery of the Golden Chalice” with clues being given throughout the night, as well as being offered for purchase or prizes. The Grand Prize for winning…will be sure to please!
  • Raffle tickets (and beads) awarded throughout the night for surprise mini events- for a great Grand Prize of Mardi Gras King and Queen!
  • MultiMedia presentations, loaded with fun, and clues for the big Mystery
  • “Buy Some Influence” Dessert Dash- There are no files in the desserts… but there may be clues!
  • Loads of Secret Surprises throughout the night

Where the money goes…
All proceeds go toward the work that Southtowne Rotary and the Southtowne Rotary Foundation do here and abroad.  Be part of the solution…while having a ton of Fun!

Southtowne Rotary is one of the most active Rotary Clubs in our District, and the funds raised for this event go toward our expansive work both here and internationally.  Focusing on helping kids in need, our efforts reach local and international youth, with unconditional gifts of peace, hope and love.

And Did We Mention the Food?

This year, you will have the choice of FOUR different menu options,
each bundled together with an entry ticket. Food, Drink and fun…with loads of options to participate!

See all of the menu items, food descriptions and prices by clicking the link below!


SpeakEasy Program Videos and Introduction to Bill Harris

The Southtowne SpeakEasy was a dinner, auction, mystery theater. costume contest, and multi-media event, with loads of fun elements, a Mystery Radio play, and the “Hunt for the Hidden Chalice.”  Through the use of multimedia presentations, clues were revealed to help tables compete for the grand prize, the super-stocked “Hooch Wagon!”

In addition, throughout the night, videos were presented to introduce different segments of fundraising, and the work we do at Southtowne Rotary both locally and Internationally.  In the end, more than close to $70,000 was raised for a variety of charity and club-focused projects.

The Event Program is Loaded with Information, details, and THANK YOUs to everyone who participated.
Click the Link Below to Download a PDF version of the SpeakEasy Program!

Follow along with the fun…the information…and the clues!

The SpeakEasy Intro to the Mystery and Introduction to Bill Harris

The Next Segment Introduced our Emergency Food Box Program, along with the Dessert Dash.
Southtowne Rotary does more than 400 Emergency Food Boxes each year, for families in need from our Head Start program partners.

Next on the agenda, was the Special Appeal for Friends of Buyijja.
At Southtowne Rotary, we have begun supporting the work being done by Friends of Buyijja, started by our own Rotarian, Patric Miller. The primary mission of this small but vital group, is providing education supplies and books for the village school in Buyijja. This school services 270 students, who before Friends of Buyijja became active, had no books, clean drinking water, electricity, or sanitary bathrooms.

This Special Paddle Raise plea, raised $5,900. Enough to fund an entire year of books and supplies.

The passing of one of our most beloved Southtowne Rotarians hit us all hard. But knowing that we could continue the kind of work that made him a passionate volunteer for decades, has allowed us to carry on his name.

The Bruce Shaw Scholarship for Homeless Youth is made possible through the Southtowne Rotary Foundation. This Special Appeal raised more than $15,000, and was matched dollar for dollar with another $15,000 by the Foundation.

While dinner was being served,  a video reminder of the work we do, and a “Mystery Chalice Clue” was given.

Eugene Southtowne Rotary personifies the motto, “We Get Things Done, While Having Fun!” With a huge list of Local and Internationally projects, the work we do at Southtowne Rotary is felt here and around the world.

Fighting homelessness and hunger, creating educational opportunities with grants and scholarships, filling needs in foreign countries, and making sure that youth is served for a brighter future, Southtowne Rotary’s legacy is broad and active.

And it’s all done by members who know how to have fun!

Finally…it was time to reveal the location of the “Chalice of Service” as well as the recipient of the first Bill Harris Award for Getting things Done while having Fun!

The culmination of the amazing Southtowne SpeakEasy FUNdraiser, was the “final reveal” of the location of the “Sacred Chalice.” Carried throughout the century by Paul Harris’s brother, Bill, the Chalice came to rest in the storage area of the the Vet’s Club, where Southtowne Rotary meets!

The final surprise, was the First Annual Bill Harris Award, presented to the member who best personifies, “Getting Things Done While Having Fun!”

Thanks to Everyone who participated in this amazing event!  It could not have been possible without the amazing efforts of our volunteers, donors, those attending, and of course, the amazing Bill Harris!



Photo Booth Contest and Event Pics

Let’s just start with saying that everyone looked Amazing!  People really stepped up to the mirror, and dressed to the nines for this event…with many actually entering our Costume Contest for a chance at an amazing prize!

The Prize Winner will receive:

  • A Gift Basket from Wildcraft Cider Works
  • Gift Certificate from 6th St. Grille
  • Growler, fill certificate and T-shirts from Growler Guys

So here’s the problem with a contest... to win, you have to follow the rules!!
Here’s what it said in the program, and on the huge poster next to the booth…

So…if we are going to go with the rules, all of the large group pics are automatically eliminated. 

Then…we have to go with couples who paid as singles…(of which there were none)…which leaves us with deciding if there was one person who truly exemplified both the spirit of the event, and the spirit of Rotary…

And that would be Walt and Nancy…except that they already won the raffle and the yellow line drawing (and enough winning already!).

So…there is one person who looks the part of a genuine flapper (including the gloves, and very 1920s looking shoes), and stayed behind more than an hour to help me clean up, including helping to take down the photo booth…
So, I award the Photo Booth Winning Pic to Kathileen Wagner, one of our newest, and most active members at Southtowne Rotary!

But, let’s be honest… you are ALL Winners to Us!

Thanks to all who dressed up, and made the night magical!

In Service…
Patric Miller
SpeakEasy Chairman

Click Image enlarge

Our Photo Booth Photographer – Maddy Miller

OUR PHOTO CONTEST WINNER – Kathileen Wagner and her daughter Melissa McKnight

Some Random Shots from friends on FaceBook

And Some Amazing Shots from talented Southtowne Rotary friend,
Sarah Andrews!

Bennett Vineyards and Wine Company

“A vineyard is an expression of the place and the farmer. Using meticulous and earth-friendly farming techniques, we make sure that each vine is individually nurtured to yield grapes that achieve the optimal ripeness and sugar levels.”

— Gene Bennett

Continue reading Bennett Vineyards and Wine Company

Heritage Distilling Co.

110 Madison St
Eugene, OR 97402
ph. 541-357-4431
On the Web-

Click Below For More Information on Heritage Distilling

Continue reading Heritage Distilling Co.

Shadow Hills Country Club

Shadow Hills Country Club
Address: 92512 River Rd Junction City, OR 97448
PO Box 41285 Eugene, OR 97404-0326
Main Ph. (541) 998-2365
Pro Shop: (541) 998-8441
Web Site:

Shadow Hills Country Club is a private, member-owned club which offers the amenities of a golf resort, just minutes from downtown Eugene. We are a family-friendly social community, without the restrictions of a traditional country club. Our facility is set in a gorgeous rural setting that offers an escape from the rigors of everyday life, with a sense of “home” that is welcoming and inclusive to members of all ages.

Click Below for More Information on Shadow Hills Country Club
Continue reading Shadow Hills Country Club

Forrest Paint Company

Phone number: 541-868-1222
Store Manager: Phil Barry –
990 McKinley Street, Eugene, Oregon

Click Below for More Information on Forrest Paint Company

Continue reading Forrest Paint Company

Lucky Dog Day & Night Care

Address: 423 Q St, Springfield, OR
PH. (541) 744-BARK (2275)
Web Site-

Click for Complete Listing Info Continue reading Lucky Dog Day & Night Care

Annie Libertini – Leather Masks and Art

Handmade leather masks, accessories, and art pieces

I can be reached via email at:
Or via my Facebook and Etsy pages:

Read More Below
Continue reading Annie Libertini – Leather Masks and Art

Elevation Bouldering Gym

Elevation is a modern climbing facility built by and for the people of Eugene, Oregon. Through innovative setting, thoughtful design, and an enjoyable multi-sensory experience, we hope to inspire the community to connect and grow healthier together.

Address: 348 Lincoln St, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 972-3595

Click Below for More Information

Continue reading Elevation Bouldering Gym

Annie Margarita Studios

Annie Margarita Studios is located at McKenzie River Inn, 49164 McKenzie Hwy, Vida, Oregon 9748.
Please call 541-215-2022 with any questions or to place an order.

Click Below for More Information
Continue reading Annie Margarita Studios

Eugene Ballet

Address: 1590 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 485-3992

Since its founding in 1978, and under the leadership of award-winning Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer, Toni Pimble, Eugene Ballet has grown to become one of the West’s busiest and most versatile professional dance companies. Built upon an engaging repertoire of full-length classical ballets, contemporary works, and accessible family programs, Eugene Ballet continues to collaborate across multiple cultural disciplines to create innovative new pieces, as well as showcase the works of many of the country’s finest choreographers.

Click below for More Information!

Continue reading Eugene Ballet

Wine, Spirits and Cider Sponsors

Our Generous
(and completely legal)

SpeakEasy Beverage Donors

An event like this would not be possible without the generous donations from our great list of Wine, Spirits and Cider Donors!  What’s a SpeakEasy without the “hooch,” right?  Well, these amazing folks put the “H” (for happy) in the hooch, and you can sample, buy, and win if you attend!

While the name of the event implies an era of bathtub gin, and small stash wine brewing, we are pleased to have beverages from some of the finest names in brewing, distilling and wine making in the Willamette Valley!


Bennett Vineyards & Wine Company
Handcrafted Pinot Noirs

Click Here for Full Information and Special Offerings!


Heritage Distilling Co

Distillers of Fine Spirits


Click Here for Full Information and Special Offerings!


More Beverage Donors and Sponsors