Roehl and Yi Investment Advisers

Address: 450 Country Club Rd #200, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 683-2085

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We’re not just stocks and bonds…
We’re real financial investment advisers.

You’ve earned a portfolio that’s tailored to you.
We’re here to help you plan your financial life. Define
your legacy. Diversify your portfolio. Protect your estate.
Create a foundation. Set up an endowment. Design a
pooled or participant-directed retirement plan. Or any
combination of the above. We’re not here to push products.
Churn stocks. Peddle research. Or fall asleep on the job.

Manage Wealth
Manage Investments
Manage Risk
Plan Your Life
Plan Your Legacy
Retirement Plans
» Participant-Directed
» Trustee-Directed
» Non-Qualified